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This blog post contains affiliate links meaning that if you would make a purchase through my links I will receive a commission, at no extra cost for you of course


My full time occupancy is finding the best, most trendy, and most importantly, the most affordable home finds from Amazon. Amazon has a wide selection of products within the home category and it can be a difficult task to navigate through the website for the best products. That's why I'm here! In this blog post I want to disclose all my secrets and show you my Top 12 Amazon Home Finds. All of these home finds are guaranteed to upgrade your living space!


1.Cream velvet bed frame

Finding affordable yet luxurious looking furniture on Amazon I have found to be one of the most difficult tasks. As for bed frames I think I found a winner and this is the one. Stunning velvet upholstery in an elegant Cream color. This Amazon Bed frame often sells out but restocking happen every now and then and once it does you need to be fast to get your hands on one!

2. The viral digital alarm clock 

We have all seen this digital alarm clock on TikTok at some point, and for good reasons! It looks so good anywhere in your home, I love mine on my nightstand and it is great to be able to keep track of the time without looking at your phone. 

3. Pampas Grass

Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 11.28.26 PM.png

If you don't know where to start when it comes to Home Decor, Pampas Grass is a good place to start. This Pampas Grass from Amazon is extremely fluffy and is perfect for the neutral Home Decor fan.

4. Black Velvet Bar Stools With Brass Detailing

Now, this is an Amazon Find that you need. Gorgeous Bar Stools that comes in multiple colors with brass detailing. This been one of my most Viral Amazon Finds on TikTok.


5. Spinning Organizer For Skincare And Makeup 

Don't know how to store your products? I got you! This Spinning Organizer is a great way to display and get easy access to all of your skincare products, perfumes and makeup. It's adjustable to fit your specific needs.

6. Artificial Marble Dining Table

Marble dining tables are very expensive and that is when artificial marble is very handy. This beautiful oval dining table is artificial marble but with the look and touch of the real deal.


7. Self Adhesive Shower Shelves

This is also one of my most Viral Amazon Finds. Forget drilling, these adhesive shower caddies can hold just about anything. Easy to install and great for organizing your shower. 


8. Nespresso Pod Organizing Tray

Nespresso Pod Holder that saves up counter space while looking very high end because of the glass display.

9. Gorgeous Pill Organizer


Pill Organizer Boxes can look very dull. Except this one. If you take medications or vitamins on a daily basis this is perfect, and you can leave it out on the counter without ruining the aesthetic of your home!

10. Acrylic Bed Tray

Now, this is an Amazon Home Find that is necessary if you enjoy doing tasks in bed. I have always been a person who studies and works from the comfort of my bed and I have been loving this Acrylic Bed Tray.

11. Neutral Coffee Table Books


You can't go wrong adding Neutral Coffee Table Books to your home. These can be placed anywhere throughout your home and make it look very stylish. I love THIS and THIS.

Sincerely yours,

HAUBES, Rebecca Hausenkamp

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