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With my profession as a full time content creator within the home category it is very important for me to keep my house tidy and clean. In order to do this I realized you need a functional system in your home. This is where organization comes in the picture. Organization is extremely important if you want to succeed in having a tidy home. Everything in your home need its own home, that way it is hard to not keep things tidy and clean. To fully cover this topic I could write for days. Therefor I want to divide it into different rooms in your home, starting with your kitchen.


This blog post contains affiliate links meaning that if you would make a purchase through my links I will receive a commission, at no extra cost for you of course


If you use your kitchen regularly you must have noticed it needs to be cleaned several times a day. That's why it is very important to have your counter top clear from clutter! This is why a good organization system is important. To start browsing check out Amazon's top organizers and storage products.


To start off let's go through how to keep your counter space clear from too much stuff. This makes it easier to clean and it is also very pleasing for the eyes. I do believe we all have some sort of coffee machine at home - that comes with a need of having either coffee pods or coffee beans at home. This is the coffee machine I personally use. Either way, you will need to store these products somewhere. Amazon have a great selection when it comes to pod organizers, these are my personal favorites:

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 9.52.28 PM.png

This is the one I own myself, and I place my coffee maker on top of it to maximize my counter space. Here is a similar one but for Keurig Pods.

If you prefer to store your coffee pods inside a drawer this clear pod organizer is great. I lets you display your coffee pods for easy access and it is very sleek and clean looking.


Moving forward, another way to keep your counter tops looking clear from clutter is to make the clutter aesthetically pleasing.


Examples of that is to use a dispenser for your oils.


Another great way is to use reusable soap dispensers, that way you can get rid of the ugly soap packages that actually ruins the aesthetic in your kitchen! These ones comes with a tray and waterproof labels.

Next up is something that should be very obvious - organizing your groceries. This includes organizing your spices, your pantry, and your fridge. Here is my Top Organizers for groceries.


When it comes to the fridge I love these clear organizers that lets you put basically anything in it. Amazon also have great options for fridge organization sets, like this one, where each organizer serves a purpose.



Organizing your pantry means you need to organize cans, pasta, rice, sugar, flour and so on. For that I recommend using air tight containers. This is my favorite set with push buttons rather than manual ones. For cans and sauces I prefer to use a lazy susan for easy access.


Let's move on over to spices. This is one of my favorite thing in the kitchen to organize and there is so many creative ways to do it. This is Amazons Best Seller for spice organization. My own spice organization is a little bit over the top but I love how pretty it looks in my cabinet. These are the products I used to create my spice set up:


To not get too overwhelmed, I think these are the fundamental type of products you need to get your kitchen organized. Another quick tip is to always declutter and throw away/donate things you no longer use. That way you avoid the build up of unnecessary things laying around. My hand guide is to get rid of anything that does not serve a purpose or that I have not used in a year!


Can't wait to finish this organization series, next up is Bathroom!

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