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A task most of us dislike is to clean our make up brushes. Fact is, we are supposed to clean them at least every two weeks. It can be a hassle to actually do that. I tried a lot of different methods - such as cleaning mats and doing it by hand but that was before I saw this electric brush cleaner. 

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This Amazon Gadget helped me out a lot. Not only is it more fun to clean my brushes, but it is also a lot quicker meaning you will not need to spend as much time on cleaning your brushes, because lets face it - there is a lot more fun things to do than to clean your dirty brushes. As with all amazon gadgets it is hard to know beforehand which ones actually works and which ones to not waste your money on. I love this brush cleaning machine and it is not only quick - it also leaves your brushes extremely clean. One of my favorite features when it comes to this gadget is that when your brush is clean, you can pull out the brush and let it spin and it dries so quickly. If you are doing make up and need to clean your brush in between products this is an awesome gadget to have. 

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